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zim::gui::GtkInterface Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Main class for the zim Gtk interface. This object wraps a single
notebook and provides actions to manipulate and access this notebook.

* open-page (page, path)
  Called when opening another page, see open_page() for details
* save-page (page)
  Called when a page is saved
* close-page (page)
  Called when closing a page, typically just before a new page is opened
  and before closing the application
* preferences-changed
  Emitted after the user changed the preferences
  (typically triggered by the preferences dialog)
* read-only-changed
  Emitted when the ui changed from read-write to read-only or back
* quit
  Emitted when the application is about to quit

Also see signals in zim.NotebookInterface

Definition at line 198 of file __init__.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def __init__
def add_actions
def add_radio_actions
def add_toggle_actions
def add_ui
def attach_file
def check_notebook_needs_upgrade
def close
def close_page
def cmd_export
def cmd_index
def copy_location
def delete_page
def do_close_page
def do_move_page
def do_open_notebook
def do_open_page
def do_preferences_changed
def do_save_page
def edit_page_source
def email_page
def get_path_context
def hide
def import_page
def init_actiongroup
def load_plugin
def load_plugins
def main
def move_page
def new_page
def new_sub_page
def on_notebook_properties_changed
def open_attachments_folder
def open_document_folder
def open_document_root
def open_file
def open_new_window
def open_notebook
def open_notebook_folder
def open_page
def open_page_back
def open_page_child
def open_page_forward
def open_page_home
def open_page_next
def open_page_parent
def open_page_previous
def open_url
def present
def quit
def register_preferences
def reload_index
def reload_page
def remove_actiongroup
def remove_ui
def rename_page
def save_copy
def save_page
def save_preferences
def save_version
def set_readonly
def show_about
def show_export
def show_help
def show_help_bugs
def show_help_faq
def show_help_keys
def show_preferences
def show_properties
def show_search
def show_search_backlinks
def show_server_gui
def show_versions
def spawn
def unload_plugin

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

string ui_type = 'gtk'

Private Member Functions

def _connect_actions
def _log_action
def _openwith

Private Attributes


Static Private Attributes

dictionary __gsignals__

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