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zim::gui::pageview::PageView Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Wrapper for TextView which handles the application logic for menu items.
Also adds a bar below the TextView with input for the 'find' action.

Definition at line 2312 of file pageview.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def autoselect
def clear
def clear_formatting
def copy
def cut
def delete
def do_link_clicked
def do_link_enter
def do_link_leave
def do_populate_popup
def do_textstyle_changed
def do_toggle_format_action
def edit_object
def find_next
def find_previous
def get_cursor_pos
def get_page
def get_parsetree
def get_scroll_pos
def grab_focus
def hide_find
def insert_date
def insert_external_link
def insert_image
def insert_link
def insert_links
def insert_text_from_file
def on_find_bar_key_press_event
def on_find_entry_activate
def on_find_entry_changed
def on_modified_changed
def on_open_notebook
def on_preferences_changed
def paste
def redo
def register_image_generator_plugin
def reload_style
def remove_link
def set_cursor_pos
def set_page
def set_parsetree
def set_readonly
def set_scroll_pos
def show_find
def show_find_and_replace
def show_word_count
def toggle_checkbox
def toggle_format
def undo
def unregister_image_generator_plugin
def xtoggle_checkbox

Public Attributes

 setup GUI actions
 Create search box.

Private Member Functions

def _toggled_checkbox

Private Attributes


Static Private Attributes

dictionary __gsignals__

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