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zim::gui::pageview::TextBuffer Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Zim subclass of gtk.TextBuffer.

This class manages the contents of a TextView widget. It can load a zim
parsetree and after editing return a new parsetree. It manages images,
links, bullet lists etc.

The styles supported are given in the dict 'tag_styles'. These map to
like named TextTags. For links anonymous TextTags are used. Not all tags
are styles though, e.g. gtkspell uses it's own tags and tags may also
be used to highlight search results etc.

      begin-insert-tree () - Emitted at the begin of a complex insert
      end-insert-tree () - Emitted at the end of a complex insert
      inserted-tree (start, end, tree, interactive) - Gives inserted tree after inserting it
      textstyle-changed (style) - Emitted when textstyle at the cursor changes
      indent-changed (level) - Emitted when the indent at the cursor changes
      clear - emitted to clear the whole buffer before destruction

Definition at line 250 of file pageview.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def clear
def copy_clipboard
def create_link_tag
def cut_clipboard
def decrement_indent
def do_begin_insert_tree
def do_clear
def do_delete_range
def do_end_insert_tree
def do_insert_pixbuf
def do_insert_text
def do_mark_set
def do_textstyle_changed
def find_backward
def find_forward
def foreach_line
def foreach_line_in_selection
def get_bullet
def get_bullet_at_iter
def get_has_selection
def get_image_data
def get_indent
def get_link_data
def get_link_tag
def get_parsetree
def get_textstyle
def increment_indent
def insert_bullet
def insert_bullet_at_cursor
def insert_icon
def insert_icon_at_cursor
def insert_image
def insert_image_at_cursor
def insert_link
def insert_link_at_cursor
def insert_parsetree
def insert_parsetree_at_cursor
def insert_pixbuf
def iter_backward_word_start
def iter_forward_past_bullet
def iter_get_zim_tags
def iter_in_selection
def paste_clipboard
def range_has_tag
def remove_link
def remove_textstyle_tags
def select_line
def select_link
def select_word
def set_editmode_from_cursor
def set_editmode_from_iter
def set_indent
def set_indent_for_line
def set_parsetree
def set_textstyle
def smart_remove_tags
def strip_selection
def tmp_cursor
def toggle_checkbox
def toggle_textstyle
def unset_selection

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

int tabstop = 30
tuple tag_attributes
dictionary tag_styles

Private Member Functions

def _do_lines_merged
def _find
def _get_bullet_at_iter
def _get_indent_tag
def _insert_element_children
def _iter_forward_past_bullet
def _paste_clipboard

Private Attributes


Static Private Attributes

dictionary __gsignals__

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