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def zim::index::Index::_index_page (   self,
) [private]

Indexes page contents for page.

TODO: emit a signal for this for plugins to use

Definition at line 494 of file index.py.

00494                                        :
            '''Indexes page contents for page.

            TODO: emit a signal for this for plugins to use
            # Avoid emitting page-updated here when not needed because it
            # triggers re-draws of the pageindex

            #~ print '!! INDEX PAGE', path, path._indexpath
            assert isinstance(path, IndexPath) and not path.isroot
            seen = set()
            hadcontent = path.hascontent
            with self.db_commit:
                  self.db.execute('delete from links where source==?', (path.id,))

                  if page.hascontent:
                        for type, href, _ in page.get_links():
                              if type != 'page':

                                    link = self.notebook.resolve_path(
                                          href, source=page, index=self)
                                          # need to specify index=self here because we are
                                          # not necessary the default index for the notebook
                              except PageNameError:

                              if link != page and not link.name in seen:
                                    # Filter out self refering links and remove doubles
                                    indexpath = self.lookup_path(link)
                                    if indexpath is None:
                                          indexpath = self.touch(link)

                                          'insert into links (source, href) values (?, ?)',
                                          (path.id, indexpath.id) )

                  key = self.notebook.get_page_indexkey(page)
                        'update pages set hascontent=?, contentkey=? where id==?',
                        (page.hascontent, key, path.id) )

            #~ print '!! PAGE-INDEX', path
            # We don't use page-updated here to avoid triggering the
            #~ self.emit('page-indexed', page, path)

            path = self.lookup_data(path) # refresh
            if hadcontent != path.hascontent:
                  self.emit('page-updated', path)

      def _update_pagelist(self, path, checkcontent):

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