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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

# Copyright 2009 Jaap Karssenberg <pardus@cpan.org>

'''This module contains the export functions for zim'''

import logging

from zim.fs import *
from zim.config import data_file
from zim.formats import get_format, BaseLinker
from zim.templates import get_template
from zim.notebook import Page, IndexPage, PageNameError
from zim.stores import encode_filename

logger = logging.getLogger('zim.exporter')

00019 class Exporter(object):
      '''Class that handles an export action'''

00022       def __init__(self, notebook, format, template=None,
                              index_page=None, document_root_url=None):
            '''Constructor. The 'notebook' is the source for pages to be exported.
            (The export target is given as an argument to export_all() or export().)
            The 'format' and 'template' arguments determine the output format.
            If 'index_page' is given a page index is generated and
            'document_root_url' is used to prefix any file links that start with '/'.
            self.notebook = notebook
            self.index_page = index_page
            self.document_root_url = document_root_url
            self.linker = StaticLinker(format, notebook,

            if isinstance(format, basestring):
                  self.format = get_format(format)
                  self.format = format

            if template and isinstance(template, basestring):
                  self.template = get_template(format, template)
                  self.template = template

            if self.template:

00049       def export_all(self, dir, callback=None):
            '''Export all pages in the notebook to 'dir'. Attachments are copied
            along. The function 'callback' will be called after each page with the
            page object as single argument. If the callback returns False the
            export will be cancelled.
            logger.info('Exporting notebook to %s', dir)
            self.linker.target_dir = dir # Needed to resolve icons

            # Copy icons
            for name in ('checked-box', 'unchecked-box', 'xchecked-box'):
                  icon = data_file('pixmaps/%s.png' % name)
                  file = dir.file('_icons/'+name+'.png')

            # Export the pages
            for page in self.notebook.walk():
                  if page.hascontent:
                        self.export_page(dir, page)
                        if callback and not callback(page):
                              logger.warn('Export cancelled')
                              return False

            # Generate index page
            if self.index_page:
                  page = IndexPage(self.notebook)
                  page.name = self.index_page # HACK
                  self.export_page(dir, page)

            self.linker.target_dir = None # reset
            logger.info('Export done')
            return True

00082       def export_page(self, dir, page):
            '''Export 'page' to a file below 'dir'. Path below 'dir' will be
            determined by the namespace of 'page'. Attachments wil also be
            copied along.
            logger.info('Exporting %s', page.name)
            dirname = encode_filename(page.name)
            filename = dirname + '.' + self.format.info['extension']
            file = dir.file(filename)
            attachments = self.notebook.get_attachments_dir(page)
                  # FIXME, assuming standard file store layout to get correct relative links
            self.linker.target_file = file
            fh = file.open('w')
            self.export_page_to_fh(fh, page)
            subdir = dir.subdir(dirname)
            for name in attachments.list():
                  file = attachments.file(name)
                  if file.exists(): # tests os.isfile
                  # TODO option to recurs for directories
                  # - check we don't copy the same file many times
                  # - ignore directories that belong to a page themselves
                  # - also include "attachments" in the root namespace

00108       def export_page_to_fh(self, fh, page):
            '''Export 'page' and print the output to open file handle 'fh'.
            (Does not do anything with attachments.)
            if self.template is None:
                  lines = page.dump(self.format, linker=self.linker)
                  lines = self.template.process(self.notebook, page)
            fh.writelines(l.encode('utf-8') for l in lines)

00120 class StaticLinker(BaseLinker):
      '''Linker object for exporting a single page. It links files, images
      and icons with absolute or relative file paths (based on whether the
      format supports relative links or not). Other pages are linked as

      def __init__(self, format, notebook, path=None, document_root_url=None):
            if isinstance(format, basestring):
                  format = get_format(format)
            self.notebook = notebook
            self.path = path
            self.document_root_url = document_root_url
            self.target_dir = None
            self.target_file = None
            self._extension = '.' + format.info['extension']

      def icon(self, name):
            if self.target_dir and self.target_file:
                  file = self.target_dir.file('_icons/'+name+'.png')
                  return self._filepath(file, self.target_file)
                  return BaseLinker.icon(self, name)

      def page(self, link):
                  page = self.notebook.resolve_path(link, source=self.path)
            except PageNameError:
                  return ''
                  if page == self.path:
                        return ''

                  parent = page.commonparent(self.path)
                  if parent == self.path:
                        path = './' + self.path.basename + '/'
                        downpath = page.relname(parent)
                        path += encode_filename(downpath) + self._extension
                  elif parent == page:
                        uppath = self.path.relname(parent)
                        path = '../' * (uppath.count(':') + 1)
                        path += encode_filename(page.basename) + self._extension
                        uppath = self.path.relname(parent)
                        downpath = page.relname(parent)
                        path = '../' * uppath.count(':') or './'
                        path += encode_filename(downpath) + self._extension
                  #~ print '>>>', path
                  return path

      def file(self, link):
            if self.document_root_url and link.startswith('/'):
                  return ''.join((self.document_root_url.rstrip('/'), link))
                  file = self.notebook.resolve_file(link, self.path)
                  if self.usebase and self.base:
                        return self._filepath(file, self.base)
                        return file.uri

      def _filepath(self, file, ref):
            relpath = file.relpath(ref, allowupward=True)
            if relpath and not relpath.startswith('.'):
                  relpath = './' + relpath
            return relpath or file.uri

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