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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

# Copyright 2009 Jaap Karssenberg <pardus@cpan.org>

import gtk
import glob

from zim.fs import File, TmpFile
from zim.plugins import PluginClass
from zim.config import data_file
from zim.templates import GenericTemplate
from zim.applications import Application
from zim.gui.imagegeneratordialog import ImageGeneratorDialog

# TODO put these commands in preferences
latexcmd = ('latex', '-no-shell-escape', '-halt-on-error')
dvipngcmd = ('dvipng', '-q', '-bg', 'Transparent', '-T', 'tight', '-o')

ui_xml = '''
      <menubar name='menubar'>
            <menu action='insert_menu'>
                  <placeholder name='plugin_items'>
                        <menuitem action='insert_equation'/>

ui_actions = (
      # name, stock id, label, accelerator, tooltip, read only
      ('insert_equation', None, _('E_quation...'), '', _('Insert equation'), False),
            # T: menu item for insert equation plugin

class InsertEquationPlugin(PluginClass):

      plugin_info = {
            'name': _('Insert Equation'), # T: plugin name
            'description': _('''\
This plugin provides an equation editor for zim based on latex.

Depends on: latex, dvipng

This is a core plugin shipping with zim.
'''), # T: plugin description
            'help': ':Plugins:Equation Editor',
            'author': 'Jaap Karssenberg',

      def check_dependencies(klass):
            return Application(latexcmd).tryexec() \
            and Application(dvipngcmd).tryexec()
            # TODO feedback a readon for use in popup etc
            # TODO nicer interface for this - note also test uses this

      def __init__(self, ui):
            PluginClass.__init__(self, ui)
            if self.ui.ui_type == 'gtk':
                  self.ui.add_actions(ui_actions, self)
                  self.ui.add_ui(ui_xml, self)

      def insert_equation(self):
            dialog = InsertEquationDialog.unique(self, self.ui)

      def edit_object(self, buffer, iter, image):
            dialog = InsertEquationDialog(self.ui, image=image)

      def do_populate_popup(self, menu, buffer, iter, image):

            item = gtk.MenuItem(_('_Edit Equation')) # T: menu item in context menu
                  lambda o: self.edit_object(buffer, iter, image))

class InsertEquationDialog(ImageGeneratorDialog):

      def __init__(self, ui, image=None):
            generator = EquationGenerator()
            ImageGeneratorDialog.__init__(self, ui, _('Insert Equation'), # T: dialog title
                  generator, image, help=':Plugins:Equation Editor' )

class EquationGenerator(object):

      # TODO: generic base class for image generators

      type = 'equation'
      basename = 'equation.tex'

      def __init__(self):
            file = data_file('templates/_Equation.tex')
            assert file, 'BUG: could not find templates/_Equation.tex'
            self.template = GenericTemplate(file.readlines(), name=file)
            self.texfile = TmpFile('latex-equation.tex')

      def generate_image(self, text):
            if isinstance(text, basestring):
                  text = text.splitlines(True)

            # Filter out empty lines, not allowed in latex equation blocks
            text = (line for line in text if line and not line.isspace())
            text = ''.join(text)
            #~ print '>>>%s<<<' % text

            # Write to tmp file usign the template for the header / footer
            texfile = self.texfile
                  self.template.process({'equation': text}) )
            #~ print '>>>%s<<<' % texfile.read()

            # Call latex
            logfile = File(texfile.path[:-4] + '.log') # len('.tex') == 4
                  latex = Application(latexcmd)
                  latex.run((texfile.basename,), cwd=texfile.dir)
                  # log should have details of failure
                  return None, logfile

            # Call dvipng
            dvifile = File(texfile.path[:-4] + '.dvi') # len('.tex') == 4
            pngfile = File(texfile.path[:-4] + '.png') # len('.tex') == 4
            dvipng = Application(dvipngcmd)
            dvipng.run((pngfile, dvifile)) # output, input
                  # No try .. except here - should never fail
            # TODO dvipng can start processing before latex finished - can we win speed there ?

            return pngfile, logfile

      def cleanup(self):
            path = self.texfile.path
            for path in glob.glob(path[:-4]+'.*'):

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